IT design, construction and operation for 20 years

Founded in 1999, InteRoot Computing is owned by IT engineer Arpad Gereoffy Jr.

We provide unique solutions to all IT problems and tasks using our own and our partner’s resources and software.

With 20 years of experience we help you design, build and operate your IT system!



Data recovery

HDD (hard disk drive) recovery:

  • un-delete files
  • data recovery by software (e.g. from badsector disk)
  • repairing a corrupted partition table or file system
  • restore RAID arrays, even without a controller card!
  • ATA, SATA, SAS, USB & SCSI disks
  • FAT, FAT32, NTFS, ReiserFS, ext2/3/4 filesystems

From other media:

  • SSD, memory cards, USB pendrive
  • damaged CD/DVD, floppy disks
  • recovering corrupted Word DOC/DOCX files
  • repair of damaged compressed archives (ZIP RAR TGZ etc.)

IT operations

Flat-rate services:

  • server operation (24/7 remote management, system updates, security, backup, etc.)
  • network operation (firewall/router/switch/wifi configurations, monitoring, physical network)

Ad hoc services:

  • Linux server installation, configuration (file, web, mail, firewall, etc.)
  • Custom server hardware builds
  • Repair: computer and UPS repair, expansion, maintenance
  • Software development: realization of individual requirements
  • Others: planning, consulting, urgent troubleshooting

Telecommunications networks

After an on-site survey and acknowledging the situation, we sketch a proposal to build your entire company IT network with active elements and a server on demand.

  • Exploration and documenting your existing network
  • Find network problems and source of errors
  • Design and implementation of state-of-the-art wireless WiFi systems
  • Construction and expansion of structured copper networks
  • Installation and measurement of indoor fiber (backbone) networks
  • Outdoor microwave point-to-point connections between buildings even at gigabit speeds
  • Acquisition and configuration of the required devices (switch, router, firewall)

ARPv4 network monitoring

Our product is a complete network discovery solution.

  • Continuous network scanning: ARP, SNMP, WMI, NMAP
  • Detect new unknown devices, alerting and/or blocking them
  • Web query system, predefined templates or custom ones, advanced filtering
  • PING and data traffic graphs, up to 1 sec resolution!
  • HTTP, HTTPS, DHCP traffic analysis, OS detection
  • Software & hardware inventory automatically with WMI in an AD environment
  • Cloud support - just run the data logger on your local network

Currently, we only install the system on LINUX firewalls and servers operated by us.

VPN solutions

SMS-VPN software:

  • Based on OpenVPN (L2TP/SSTP/IKEv2 under development)
  • Custon AUTH plugin and webservice on the server
  • Custom Windows & Mac GUI software on clients
  • Login+password authentication, Active Directory integration
  • Optional SMS code verification (never/always/IP-change)
  • 2 or 3 factor (key, password, SMS) authentication
  • Automatic key generation the first time you log on
  • Drive mapping management, e.g. attaching an AD home directory
  • No admin privilege required to use it
  • Web admin interface, detailed logging

Email Protection - Virus and SPAM

Our PyMaViS PRO email filtering software has been developed since 2002 and updated to protect against the latest attack mechanisms. It currently protects thousands of email accounts.

  • Our SPAM filtering solution performs extremely well in filtering hungarian-language mail compared to competitors
  • Proprietary heuristic content analysis software can detect unknown viruses in most cases
  • Intelligent content filtering with neural networks
  • Well integrated with external spam and virus databases
  • New web-based email tracker interface to view filtering results
  • Optional mass-mailing alert

Virtualized or cloud-based service


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